Product List of High Carbon Steel Wires

High carbon steel wires for manufacturing products with high strength and high elastic limit, like springs, steel ropes and PC steel wires.

Galvanized high carbon steel wires are highly corrosion resistant after zinc coating process, and they are ideal materials for weaving wire meshes.

High carbon spring steel wires are main applied to manufacture coil springs with high toughness and strong stress resistance.

High carbon steel strand twisted by a certain number of high carbon steel wire is mainly used for prestressed concrete structure.

High carbon steel wire has high tensile strength and after proper surface treatment so that it can better serve the reinforcement of prestressed concrete.

Baling wires made of high carbon steels have high tensile strength and are mainly used for binding cotton bales, paper, plastic and wool.

High carbon steel bead wire with high tenacity are mainly used for the reinforcement of tires.

High carbon steel wires with high tensile strength can reinforce hoses anti-pressure and have a long service life.

Mining and quarry screen mesh made of high carbon steel wires has high abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

High carbon steel wire ropes with high tensile strength can be applied to tower crane, crawler crane, hydraulic crane and lift tackles.