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High Carbon Spring Steel Wires for Manufacturing Springs

High carbon spring steel wire is cold drawn from non-alloy high carbon steel, and it is mainly used for manufacturing springs and other wire forms. Because of the high carbon content and precision cold drawn process, the produced springs have high elasticity and low deformability, so they can sustain frequently repeated high pressure when they are applied to automobile industry or numerical control machine tools.

A coil of 65mn high carbon spring steel wire for spring stands on the ground.

A coil of high carbon steel wire spring for manufacturing mattress springs.

Four springs with black surface are made of high carbon steel wire, and they are shown from four different angles.

High carbon steel springs with high elastic limit can be used in automobile industry.


  • Wire diameter: 0.08mm - 16mm.
  • Material: 45#, 55#, 60#,70#, 80#, 72A, 72B, 82B, 65Mn, 1080.
  • Spring's tensile strength: 1100Mpa - 3090Mpa.
  • Spring's elongation: 10% - 35%.
  • Standard: IS4454, AISI, ASTM, DIN, GB, JIS.
  • Weight: according to customers' requests.
  • Drawing: cold drawn.
  • Surface: galvanized, un-galvanized, black, bright.
  • Cross sectional: round.
  • Packing: in coils and spools after oiled and then packed with polythene and Hessian.
Wire diameter (mm) Diameter tolerance (mm) Tensile strength (N/mm2)
0.20 ±0.02 2150-3090
0.25 2060-3040
0.30 2010-3040
0.40 1910-2990
0.45 1860-2900
0.50 1860-2940
0.55 1810-2890
0.60 1760-2840
0.65 1760-2840
0.70 1710-2840
0.80 1710-2840
1.00 1600-2690
1.20 ±0.04 1620-2550
1.40 1620-2450
1.60 1570-2400
1.80 1500-2300
2.00 1470-2200
2.10 1450-2160
2.20 1420-2110
2.80 1370-2080
3.00 1370-2040
3.20 1320-2000
4.00 1320-1930
5.00 1260-1840
6.00 1210-1770
7.00 1160-1710
8.00 1120-1660
9.00 1090-1610
10.00 1060-1570
11.00 1080-1530
12.00 1080-1500
13.00 1030-1470

Highlights of springs made of our high carbon spring steel wires:

  • High corrosion resistance after galvanized.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Good toughness.
  • Strong stress resistance.
  • High ductility.
  • Low deformability.
  • Small tolerance.

High carbon spring steel wires can be used to produce springs with extremely high tensile strength and ductility. These springs are mainly used in automobile industry, CNC machine tools and furniture. Besides springs, high carbon spring steel wires can also be used in the manufacture of high carbon steel ropes and mining mesh.

A part of the mattress springs made of high carbon spring steel wires, and they are coil springs to sustain the high pressure.

The mattress spring made of high carbon steel wires have high elasticity.

A bright surface high tensile spring used beside the car tire to sustain high pressure and provide flexibility to reduce bumps.

High tensile springs are mainly used in automobile industry to improve performance.

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