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High Carbon Steel Wire Makes High Tensile Steel Wire Rope

The steel wires for manufacturing ropes are cold drawn high carbon steel wires. And those wires are strictly selected from the raw material. then under sophisticated technology, the ropes are produced. High carbon steel wire rope is twisted by several wires or strands in one or more layers around a core. And the core can be a fiber core, a wire strand core or a wire rope core. It depends on the application of the ropes. After manufacture process, the ropes must go through a series of quality test to ensure zero defects. The high carbon steel wore ropes are mainly used in construction, mining and quarry and other heavy industries. Sometimes the ropes could be called heavy duty steel ropes.

A spool of high carbon steel wire rope with the two ends wrapped by yellow oiled paper.

High carbon steel ropes are generally winded on spools to avoid kinks.

A pile of galvanized high carbon steel wire rope slings fastened by silver metal in the middle part.

High carbon steel wire rope slings with high tensile strength are often used in the cranes.

The end of a high carbon steel rope and its cross section shows that the core of the rope is an independent steel wire rope.

Steel wire ropes whose core is an independent wire rope have super high tensile strength and abrasion resistance.


  • Material: SAE1006 - 1085, 45#, 55#, 60#, 70#, 75#, 72A, 72B, 82B, 65Mn.
  • Wire diameter range: 0.20mm - 12.00mm.
  • Rope diameter range: 4mm - 52mm.
  • Tensile strength: 1000 - 2500N/mm2.
  • Standard: AISI, ASTM, BS, DIN, GB, JIS.
  • Surface treatment: galvanized or un-galvanized.
  • Packing: in coils, rings or spools.

Notice for use:

  • Using the correct rope for your purpose.
  • Never overload.
  • Examine the rope regularly under the direction of guidelines.
  • Do not give the rope a sudden heavy load in cold weather.
  • Avoid using frozen rope.
  • Using padding to help the rope get away from sharp corners and edges.
  • Store the unused rope in cool, clean and dry place.
  • Never use cut, badly kinked or crushed rope.
  • Once a kink has been made in a rope the damage is permanent.
  • Avoid reverse bends.
  • Never cross wind the rope.


  • High corrosion resistant after galvanizing.
  • Excellent anti-abrasion and anti-rotating performance.
  • Super tensile strength.
  • High breaking force.
  • Long serving life.

The high carbon steel wire ropes are mainly applied to tower crane, crawler crane, hydraulic crane and so on. And its application can be found in construction, architecture, mining and quarry industries, shipping and various other heavy industries. And there are mainly four functions of high carbon steel ropes, namely, running ropes, stationary ropes, track ropes and wire rope slings.

The high carbon steel wire rope is applied to a blue over head crane, hanging below is a yellow hook.

High carbon steel wire rope has high tensile strength to ensure the ability of lifting up and moving horizontally.

A spool of high carbon steel rope is being used in a tower crane on the roof of a building.

High carbon steel wire ropes are mainly used in cranes to lift up or move heavy material.

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