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High tensile steel wire makes hose endure high pressure

In order to enhance the crushing resistance and corrosion resistance of rubber hoses or PVC hoses, the hose wall would generally reinforced with spiral high carbon steel wires, making the hoses operate smoothly in bad weather and hot or cold environment.

A spool of galvanized high carbon steel wire winded on a cardboard paper core and tied by black plastic ropes.

Galvanized high carbon steel wires have high elastic limit for reinforcing hoses.

Several transparent PVC hose with spiral high carbon steel wire reinforcement and its cross-section.

High tensile steel wire for manufacturing PVC high pressure hose used in agriculture.


  • Diameter range of steel wire: 0.1mm - 1.2mm.
  • Tensile strength of hose: 2550Mpa - 3550Mpa.
  • Working temperature range: -10°C - 70°C.
  • Construction: rubber or PVC with high carbon steel wire reinforcement.
  • Packing: spools and wrapped by carton.

Advantages of high carbon steel wire reinforced hoses:

  • Superior corrosion and abrasion resistance.
  • Most chemicals and ozone resistance.
  • Pressure, crushing and extrusion resistance.
  • Excellent transparency with small bending radius.
  • Good adaptability to hard weather.
  • Anti-aging.

High pressure hoses reinforced by high carbon steel wires are suitable for conveying various kinds of stuff like water, oil, powder and gas. They are mainly used in chemical industry, vacuum pumps and agriculture. More specifically, the hoses for foodstuff conveying are made of material without odor, non-toxic and transparent.

A black vacuum bump with one black high pressure washer hose equipped on it to transport high pressure water.

High pressure washer hose used for vacuum pump could provide a life-long service.

Two pieces of transparent PVC hose reinforced by spiral high carbon steel wire and beside a small pile of grain and several wheat.

PVC hose with spiral steel wire are abrasion resistant and is suitable for grain, powder and water transportation.

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