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High Carbon Steel Wire Firmly Connected with Prestressed Concrete

High carbon steel wire would serve for the reinforcement of prestressed concrete in construction, after some surface treatment and hardened under tension. According to the surface morphology, PC steel wires can be divided into plain PC wires, indented PC wires and spiral ribbed PC wires.

The end part of four pieces of high carbon steel wires for prestressed concrete reinforcement with spiral nicks on the surface.

Prestressed concrete high carbon steel wires have high fatigue resistance to reinforce the prestressed concrete in construction.

The middle part of six PC steel wires with black and plain surface on the floor.

Cold drawn high carbon plain PC steel wires have no nick on the surface.

Three kinds of indented PC wires with different nicks on the surface.

High carbon indented PC wires with nicks on the surface can improve the bond strength between the wire and concrete.


  • Diameter range: 3mm - 15mm.
  • Tensile strength: 1670Mpa - 1860Mpa.
  • Minimum breaking load: 12.6KN - 64.3KN.
  • Relaxation rate: 2.5% - 3.5%.


  • High tensile strength.
  • Low relaxation rate.
  • High fatigue resistance.
  • Good performance in high temperature.
  • Firmly connect with concrete.

Prestressed concrete high carbon steel wires are mainly used in reinforcement of prestressed concrete. Such as in the large span bridge construction, the large scale railway and highway construction, the multi-storey building construction and sports venues construction.

Several PC high carbon steel wires form a grid shape in a square pit of road so as to reinforce the structure

PC high carbon steel wire can firmly connect with concrete so as to provide a stable structure in construction.

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